Hull is a very prosperous city and with plenty of regeneration taking place, now is the right time to invest.
Hull was the UK City of Culture in 2017.
Hull hosted the prestigious Turner Prize in 2017.
Siemens have just invested over £1 billion into Green Port Hull, which is a part of the UK’s largest EU enterprise zone of 475 hectares. This is treble the size of the UK’s next largest zone.
Average business costs are 20% lower than those of the rest of the UK and average house prices are 30-40% lower than those in London.
There are plenty of housing regeneration projects being undertaken throughout the city.
Hull also has very good road and rail connections with the rest of the country and direct rail services into London.
Hull is a key area for Renewable Energy. The government and local council want to make Hull the Renewable Energy and Renewable Capital of the UK.
There will be over £1 billion of council investment in the city over the next decade.
A new £36 million music venue is being built in Hull City Centre (due to open in September 2017) and a new Ice Rink has been confirmed for Hull City Centre too.
New Hilton and Radisson hotels are also being built, thus boosting tourism.
Radisson hotels are also looking at building hotel in Hull City Centre
The extended HS3 is hoping to arrive in Hull in the early 2030’s
Hull is now subject to a possible ‘Maglev’ railway system that will connect Hull to Liverpool in just 29 minutes.